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Trying to edit registry to repair update keys

Unable To Access Files

Unable to access internet after removing TrojanDropper Sirefef.B virus

Unable to access update.microsoft.com

Unable to accessing site

Unable To Clean - Virtualmonde And Malware

Unable to acess internet web page

Unable to boot laptop - BSOD iaStor.sys

unable to disinfect

Unable to access to the internet after running ComboFix

Unable to Completely remove iLivid/ nusearch PUP.Datamngr

Unable to ?safely remove? external hard drives on either of my computers

Unable To Do An update On Spybot S&d 1.5.2

Unable to access Windows updates/Anti-spyware sites

unable to defeat AvaSoft malware - delivered via a fedEx message

Unable to boot Vista correctly

Unable To Access Windows Xp Updates From Microsoft

Unable To Access Yahoo Email (red.clientapps.yahoo.com/)

Unable to access Task Manager - Error: Access is denied

Unable to create a log after using HijackThis

Unable to access any file on my laptop

Unable to Access Login Screen

unable to connect to mcafee total protection service update server

Unable to Defrag C Drive

Unable to do updates

Unable to boot - winsrv.dll missing

Unable to boot - FRST logs included

Unable to connect to Microsoft Office Online

Unable To Connect To Wmi Service '\\.\root\cimv2'

Unable to activate System File Protection in purchased MalwareBytes

Unable to defrag

Unable to connect using FF & IE - Something is hanging around

Unable to delete SGF/EXE file created in WIN RAR

Unable to create GMER logs

Unable to Connect to Most Internet Websites (IE8 or Firefox 3.0.10)

Unable to activate Vista Windows says Product Key already in use.

unable to connect wifi

Unable to connect to network

Unable to connect to proxy server_Windows 7 Home Premium

Unable to contact Microsoft.com or Norton.com

Unable to connect to proxy server_Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

Unable to connect to networks

Unable to boot Windows after running FixTDSS

Unable to connect to our webserver

Unable to Boot Win XP Dell XLDR ATA Errror

Unable to connect to SSID

Unable to connect to 'popular' sites such as Facebook

Unable to boot Dell Studo 1747 laptop

Unable to delete Trojan.win32.FakeCogIK

Unable to copy file need help

Unable to access info on Desktop

unable to access windows

Unable to create restore point when using RevoUninstaller

Unable to connect to websites

Unable to Download

unable to broadcast on veetle

Unable to communicate with any sort of out remote host? Weird problem.

Unable to download applications in Firefox or IE8

Unable to download anything.including Hijack This. Please help

Unable to access internet after Microsoft Security Essentials removed a TrojanDropper Sirefef.B virus

Unable To Access Internet Except In Safe Mode

unable to download ( again )

Unable To Access Internet Explorer

Unable to complete anti-virus scan

Unable to access Windows Update site.redirects me to Google.com

Unable to boot to new install

Unable to clean computer of Explot:Java/CVE-2012-0507.CG

Unable To Access My User Account

Unable to access internet through any browser possibly due to malware

Unable to complete malwarebytes scan

Unable To Clean Trojan.agent.nh

unable to boot windows partition -how do I convert raw to ntfs withoutlosing da

Unable to access internet

Unable To Download Critical Updates

Unable to access Norton 360 despite that it is running in the background

Unable to completely remove 180Solutions.MediaGatewayX

Unable To Delete Malware Acluif.exe

Unable to Boot Win 7 Home 64 bit

Unable to access AVG

Unable To Connect To Browser

Unable To Format Harddrive.

Unable to install security programs

Unable to launch anything

Unable to access Facebook.com

Unable to access the internet

Unable to change Page File Size in XP

unable to get rid of trojan svchost.exe

Unable To Find Virusheat Ddl's

Unable to communicate with printer

Unable To Locate PrivitizeVPN Files

Unable to get rid of Trojan.Agent

Unable to Locate Trojans

Unable to download from download.microsoft.com

Unable to Install

Unable to Forward Ports All of A Sudden

Unable to finish cleaning

unable to fix antivirus popups/vundo infection

unable to do the usb boot step to run hitman to remove ICE malware

Unable to install avast 4.8 Home

Unable to install / keep resident *any* anti-virus program

Unable to install atheros L1 ethernet driver

Unable to download KB888162

Unable to install AMD drivers. Totally frustrated

Unable to Kill Program

unable to login to windows after cancelling a copy

Unable to install DDS.scr

Unable to get rid of Malware.trace virus from TVshack.cc

unable to download killbox.exe

unable to download anything and MSE has been disabled

Unable to Launch

Unable to move file

Unable to open antivirus sites & microsoft.com

Unable to Download/upgrade

Unable To Load Programs

Unable to open any anti-virus website and Microsoft.com

Unable to install programs and Norton 360 not working

Unable to connect to www.Nero.com

unable to edit registry

Unable to Get on Internet

unable to install many pgms

unable to get wireless connection

Unable to get online due to backdoor.tidserv.linf

Unable to go to Gmail.com or Google.com

unable to download rkill.

Unable to get onto internet

Unable to Create Restore Point-The specified object was not found (0x80042308)

Unable to load any software

Unable to get on internet after being infected with Win32 Agent.ODG

unable to remove [DETECTION] Is the TR/Dropper.Gen Trojan/ Moved

Unable to install Norton

Unable to install updates

Unable to remove Trojan Agent - svchost.exe

Unable To Get Rid Of Spyware.help


Unable to remove Trojan Horse Adload_r.AKC

Unable to run Combofix or DDS

Unable To Get Rid Of Trojan Small.fb

Unable to Enter Searches in Address Bar - Redirect to http://search.startnow.com

Unable to access jarfile when I start my PC

Unable To Install Msxm 4.0 Kb9279789

Unable To Remove Yazzlesudoku/smitfraud-c./smitfraud-c.toolbar888

Unable to run .exe

Unable to get rid of Blood hound 219/Gornial.5231 exploit

Unable to run any other programs besides Firefox

Unable to remove ykhemah.dll

Unable to open most applications

Unable to cure Rootkit.boot.pihar.c

Unable to run ComboFix or remove it

Unable To Launch Hijack This File

Unable to get rid of C\Windows\SysWOW64\_WKERNEL.syl.vir

Unable to load winload.efi

Unable to run MalwareBytes and GMER - BSOD

Unable to delete dodgy dlls - any help appreciated

Unable To Read Phone Contact List.

Unable to remove Yrjie New Games extension from chrome

unable to remove

Unable to Run MalwareBytes or hijack this

Unable to remove Trojan.Agent.Gen / Trojan.BitcoinMiner

Unable to resolve Bloodhound.exploit.196

unable to remove aaa from add/remove

Unable to remove AutoConfig Proxy:

Unable to run Malwarebytes or HijackThis

Unable to delete rootkits.

Unable to run DDS due to Malware?

Unable To Launch Sygate Personal Firewall - Plz Help

Unable to remove 'Mous without Borders' splash

Unable to run DDS or GMER as instructed

Unable to remove ads by speedchecker browser hijack

Unable to remove: PUP.Optional.MindSpark.A

Unable to delete user account in Windows 8.1

Unable to run dds tool with AVG 2012 Completely Disabled


Unable To Run Dss.exe

Unable to open pdf attachment in Outlook 2003

Unable To Manually Connect To A Wireless Network With Wpa-psk

Unable to permanently remove trojan.tracur.f infection

Unable to open Google and Online College Class Possible Infection?

Unable To Remove adware.agent.bn

Unable to remove TDssserv.sys & win32\olmarik can anyone help?

Unable to execute file in temporary directory. Setup Aborted. Error 5

Unable To Open Up Application

Unable To Open Pps Attachments On E-mails

Unable to remove Win 7 antispyware pro 2013

Unable to run Norton Anti-Virus

Unable to open hotmail emails or folders

Unable to remove PeeacMem-A Trojan and other symptoms

Unable To Remove Trojan.vundo

Unable to remove calc.dll and ntuser.dll

Unable to run GMER Scan

Unable to Reset Windows 8.1

Unable To Extract .exe Files To Reinstall Avg Antivirus Program

Unable to run Online AV Acanners (Trojan.Banker)

Unable to remove Proxy - Logs attached

Unable to reach Logon screen

Unable To Locate.? o_0

Unable to log in

Unable To Remove Ckvo.exe (kavo Trojan)

unable to install java

Unable to remove trojans Backdoor.Win32.Small.hgi

Unable To Remove Trojan (pws-onlinegames)

Unable to run programs after trojan infection

Unable to remove infection involving C:\resycled\boot.com

Unable to remove Security Tool from my computer

Unable to start Windows (XP SP3) Firewall or use an internet connection after rootkit/malware

Unable To Remove Winmqx32.dll

unable to set realtime priority to a process

Unable to instal dds.scr

unable to remove x.exe virus

Unable to install Malwarebytes or HJT

Unable to run TDSKiller

Unable to remove DARKSMA? HELPER.DLL?

Unable to maximise Browser Windiws

Unable To Open

Unable to Stream Video - HJT Within

Unable to remove Trojan (Unruy)

Unable to open page within a page

Unable to log into many websites

Unable to remove Supporter 1.80 from Costmin

Unable to start Windows after installing Antivirus software.

Unable to Share From One PC

Unable To Save Images.

Unable to watch Youtube videos

Unable to reactivate my vista.

Unable to remove Search with Bing from Internet Explorer 11 right click search

Unable to log into my profile after trying to remove a Smitfraud infection

Unable To Surf To Www.yahoo.com

Unable to Locate Component

Unable to read ?

Unable to remove Easylife search app

Unable to remove Live Security Platinum

Unable To Remove Trojan-downloader.small.cml

Unable To Remove Vbzip10.dll

Unable to open Access Manager and changes in Windows Explorer

Unable To Scan In Safe Mode With Fsecure

Unable To Remove trojansc.sbi

Unable To Install Norton Antivirus

Unable to remove TR/ATRAPS.Gen2

Unable To Remove Trojan In Ntiot10.dll

Unable to remove VCMNET11.EXE

Unable to remove Trojan.DNSChanger

Unable to install update KB2633171

Unable to run Rkill

Unable to remove Virtumonde infection

Unable to restore Start Menu MFU after infection

Unable To Use Cmd.exe And Regedit.exe

unable to install windows 8 on lenovo b590 with a new harddisk

Unable to remove isearch.claro-search.com browser hijacker

Unable to Refresh

Unable to remove SMART HDD Data Recovery Virus

Unable to update?

Unable To Format A Disk Drive.plz Help

Unable to remove Malware.Trace and Trojan.Vundo

Unable to open LEGACY_wscsvc\0000 registry key. The key does not exist.

Unable To Remove Vundo/SuperJuan BHO

Unable To Remove Virtumonde/malware File C:\windows\system32\ddcyv.dll

Unable to remove malware.trace MS Juan

Unable to upgrade to Firefox 6.0 or above

Unable To Run Avast Antivirus

Unable To Register New Programs

Unable to load HP D110a Driver

Unable to register OLEAUT32.DLL

Unable to turn on Windows Security centre service- Trojan msimg32.dll

Unable to connect with relocated website.

Unable to run AVG or MBAM- software restriction policy pop-up

Unable to open Windows explorer or Norton Antivirus

Unable to load or run csrss.exe

Unable to type in the command prompt window and other issues

Unable to validate regist/error in downloading exp 7

unable to update anti-malware programs

Unable to remove Mebroot.BZ trojan

Unable to Update Windows 8.1

Unable to open anything with .exe

Unable to remove Filter hijack

Unable to open application shortcuts on desktop

Unable to remove PUM.Dns found by RogueKiller

Unable To Type Into Internet Explorer 7 (vista)

Unable to update Malwarebytes

Unable to Remove Qoobox

Unable to type possible infection?

Unable to Terminate Procceses under the Details Tab in Task Manager

Unable To Uncheck 'hide Extension For Known.' & 'hide Protected Operating .'

Unable to remove quiknowledge

Unable to Remove boot.tidserv

Unable to uninstall Quiknowledge


Unable to remove regedit.exe

Unable to remove 94982c5b634975e5010ce96082d2827.adsk2.co and terraclicks.com

Unable to assign a homepage

Unable to use internet after Combofix.

Unable to remove persistent Hijacker

Unable to sign-in to Hotmail/Outlook automatically

Unable to remove Tidserv Activity 2 Infection

Unable to upload video.rdbss.sys error?

Unable to print

Unable to understand log

unable to start malwarebytes neither using chameleon

unable to start firewall

Unable To Start Programs

Unable to update MBAM

Unable to Uninstall Sentry At Home

unable to post dds log/attach dds log in that forum

Unable To Uninstall Comodo Firewall 3.0

unable to use Malwarebytes w/ error codes

Unable to start?

Unable to print after running combofix

Unable To Restart Completly

Unable to Uninstall Java 7.0.70 and update to 7.15. Browser launch 1314 error

Unable To Stay On Any Browser/ Unable To Install New Programs

Unable To View Videos

unable to update programs

Unable to download files after fake anti virus pro trojan

Unable to run ComboFix.exe

unable to remove sAvenshArE and SearchNewTab

Unable To Uninstall/reinstall Xp

Unable To Unlock Mirc Due To Running Some Files

unable to open/run flashdrives error :\solution.vbs

Unable to use any Google products

unable to unzip downloads

Unable To Locate Component Notification

unable to run Run DDS

unable to update any antispyware or antivirus

Unable to watch cams and video

Unable to download or update anything

Unable To Run Hijackthis And Related Issues

Unable To Uninstall Winzip 11.1

Unable to view websites on my virtual private server

Unable To Use Submit Forms

Unable To Scan My Computer

Unable to turn on Windows Auto Update

Unable to execute file

Unable to Open Microsoft Store and other tiles

Unable to remove Savenshare.

Unable to watch streaming video

Unable to watch Windows Media Center

Unable to run Combofix

Unable to Run AVG Prevented by Restriction Policy

Unable To Run DDS

unable to run combofix due to win32.virut.ce

Unable to send e-mail through AIM SMTP

unable to start my laptop's inbuilt camera with fn+V key

Unable to use Malwarebytes' Antimalware and HJT

unable to play webcam recording

Unable To Query Host

Unable to Reformat / Reinstall XP

Unable To Reformat: Pci.sys And Ohci1394.sys Corrupted

Unable to view SSL sites - referral from Malware forum

Unable to register the DLL/OCX: RegSvr32 failed with exit code Ox3

unable to get to internet

Unable to Remove Dragon Branch Ads

unable to roll back ie9 to ie 8

unable to uninstall a program containing adware.virtumonde

Usb Is Infected And Can't Be Formatted

Used tdsskiller and now unable to connect to internet

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