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Trying to (completely) get rid of vundo etc

Trying to Connect to Well Known Bad Sites

Trying to access Windows95 boot hard drive in Windows 7

trying to display a Windows 98 pc monitor on a Vista pc

trying to find a recent/safe version of smitfraudfix.exe

Trying to be sure Virtumonde is gone

Trying to clean a friend's computer.

Trying to jump-start dad's dinosaur.

Trying To Cleanup From Antivirus Xp 2008 Attack

Trying to find driver for old AMD A8-3800 APU with Radeon HD Graphics

Trying to get rid of an ugly virus/trojan

Trying To Clean My Brother's Pc

Trying to keep Windows Media Player from connecting to internet

Trying to get rid of Antimalware Doctor but can't run rkill

Trying to Prepare for HJT

Trying to get rid of trojans generic 14.ABXY

Trying To Erase Virus Burst

Trying To Clean Up Spy Sheriff And Other Spyware

Trying to identify

Trying to follow directions

Trying to kill Windows Vista Security 2012

trying to follow instructions

trying to get rid of Desktop Security 2010

Trying to get rid of Disabled.SecurityCenter

Trying to find out what could be the problem

Trying To Get On To Chat

Trying to get help for over a month.

Trying to get rid of FreshBar

Trying to mop up Opencandy Issues On Father's Computer

Trying To Get Rid Of Virusburst--computer Now Stuck

Trying to get rid of Anal-Oral.WinMain

Trying to install Norton Save and Restore 2.0

Trying to Recover from a Win32.TrojanDownloader Malware Infection

Trying to figure why MBAM service terminated on boot

Trying to recover from AntiVirus Pro 2010 Virus

Trying to open .80 file? And how to update BIOS via floppy?

Trying To Get Rid Of Winantispyware Browser Hijacker

Trying to help elderly friend that clicks on EVERYTHING

Trying to open a program says PINX20.dll is missing

Trying to fix my computer my hijackthis log

Trying To Remove Ntos.exe

Trying to remove Worm.Prolaco.M

Trying to find.

Trying to install Vista on my new hard drive.

Trying to remove System Check

Trying to reset computer completely/reinstall Windows 8.1

Trying to install Adobe Photoshop cs3

Trying to Remove Numerous Trojans

Trying to Remove System Check Virus

Trying to remove a Trojan.Agent file

trying to delete visual bee toolbar and conduit software

Trying to udpate Work Computer.Error Code 80248014

Trying to remove the non-obvious stuff

Trying to understand a netstat -an entrie

Trying to remove DR guard

Trying to get rid of SavePass Smartbar

trying to get rid of GREAT ARCADE HITS.

Trying To Download Hijackthis

trying to find out if Furio.exe is malware or not?

Trying To Uninstall Freedom Security & Privacy Software

Trying To Update Ghost 2003.0.0.789

trying to remove Open Cloud AV

Trying to clean up after an attack

trying to get rid of trojan.agent

trying to remove open cloud security

Trying to run RootRepeal - can't tell if it's scanning or frozen

Trying to remove udxfytw.sys

Trying To Clean Up Spy Sheriff

trying to get rid of speedrunner.exe

Trying to remove Antimaleware Doctor with a possible open proxy

Trying to remove AV Protection2011

TRying to remove Winbluesoft virus

Trying to Restore Compy.

Trying To Burn My Msn Myspace

trying to restore C: drive and error 403 with Vaio

Trying to remove ViMax ads

Trying to remove Jelbrus Secure Web & Astromenda

Trying to remove antimalware doctor

Trying to remove Backdoor.Tidservinf

Trying To Remove Virtumonde

Trying to fix broken XP installation with multiple infections

Trying to install game and PMB.exe - Bad Image pops up

trying to remove Paladin Antivirus (virus) Here's the log

trying to remove kazaa

trying to fix trojan.win32.agent.azsy HELP

trying to remove lemir

Trying To Fix Worm.win32.netbooster Problem

Trying to delete se.dll

trying to remove AV Security 2011

Trying To Fix Comp After Smitfraud Bug.

Trying to remove Generic.dxbk

Trying to delete Total Security but can't locate tsc.exe

Trying To Help Virus Found. Exploit Byteverify

trying to run usb hitmanpro with no internet access

trying to get rid of thinkpoint on vista

Trying to remove Looksafe Yahoo redirect

Trying To Remove Smitfraus-c Infection

Trying to salvage 8

Trying to get rid of searchiu.com

Trying To Fix Imsmn.exe & Vundo Bugs

Trying to remove ICE ranson malware with HitmanPro

Trying To Remove Antivirus Xp 2008 Caused More Problems

Trying to remove DOS/Alureon.a I posted this a few days ago in a different forum

Trying to remove some hidden password protected files from 'Temporary Internet Files'

Trying to remove Oxy and Pilefile reminder

Trying to clean up my Aunt's computer

Trying to remove DOS/Alureon.A and tdsskiller is not initiating past 80%

Trying to Remove Oxy and Pilefinder

Trying to remove Apps Hat from my Win 7 Machine

trying to remove Trojan.DNSchanger

Trying To Remove Winsvc.exe Bug

Trying To Rid Me Of Winantivirus For Good

trying to setup Imap on Outlook and Iphone with ATT.net

Trying to Post a DDS Log but every time I do.

Trying To Romove Ebay Toolbar With Hijackthis

Trying to root out PCTechHotline

Trying to resolve intermittent problem

Trying to run DDS to send for help

Trying to post logs but D.D.S. keeps freezing

Trying to resucitate old Gateway CoreDuo tower

trying to run GMER.PC Reboots

Trying to post and it wont

trying to remove cutwail.xr and more

Trying to remove pup.bitminer

Trying to Remove System Repair

trying to fix my friends laptop

Trying To Help A Buddy

Trying to deal with Trojan.Dropper.Generic_c.MMI and Trojan.Dropper.BCMiner

Trying to kick some Malware ass. Please help.

trying to update to xp service pack 3 get 0x800A0046 error

Trying to Recover from Virtumonde.

Trying to upload a Hijack This file but the site won't let me.

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